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Director of the Institute since 1995
Academician of NAS of Ukraine and
Honored Worker of Science
and Technology of Ukraine
I.V. Sergienko


Founder and the first Director of
the Institute of Cybernetics
Academician V.M. Glushkov


Director of the Institute in 1982 - 1994
Academician V.S. Mykhalevych
(1930 – 1994)

V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the NAS of Ukraine is a Scientific Centre widely known in Ukraine and beyond it engaged in the solution of fundamental and applied issues of informatics and computer science as well as introduction of their methods and means to various spheres of human activities.

The Institute is open to any collaboration and is always glad to any new partnership. The staff of the Institute consists of profile scientists able to solve the most complicated problems at up-to-date level….


Founder of the Institute

Victor Mykhailovych Glushkov is distinguished scientist who worked in the 20th century, he is author of a number of fundamental papers in the sphere of cybernetics, mathematics and computer science, initiator and organizer of implementation of a number of large research programs purposed at the establishment of problem-purposed software and hardware complexes for the informatization, computerization and automation of commercial and defence activities of the state. He was head of the scientific school for cybernetics. He was laureate of Lenin and governmental awards. He was full member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and of the Academy of Sciences of theUkrSSR. He was honoured member of a number of foreign academies. He published more than 500 scientific papers including 30 monographs.

Areas of the research

Today the main areas of the research of the Institute are:

  •  Development of the general theory and methods of system analysis, mathematical modelling, optimization and artificial intelligence
  • Development of the general theory of management, methods and means of arrangement of intelligent control systems of different levels and purposes
  • Creation of the general theory of computing machines and development of perspective computing equipment, artificial intelligence and informatics
  • Creation of perspective systems of mathematical support of general and applied purposes
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