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SCIT Supercomputer Complex

Total pick capacity: 43 Tflops (trillion of operations per second)

Capacity of the SCIT based on systems of linear equations: 18 Tflops

Total operative memory: 2.5 TB (terabyte)

Parallel file depositary: 170 TB

Unique advantages:

  • Energy saving system with sequence and nodes management;
  • Intelligent libraries for typical mathematical problems with built-in analysis, selection of algorithm and its parameters.
“Floratest” portable device for rapid diagnosis of plant condition

A portable computer device for rapid diagnostics of photosynthesis has been developed and brought to serial production. The device allows you to quickly assess impact of the natural environment and contaminations on living plants. Functioning of the device is based on the real-time measurement of the fluorescence induction curve of chlorophyll.

Principal performance of the Floratest:

  • Irradiation wavelength: 450 to 470 nm;
  • Maximum light intensity: 5000 mcd;
  • Radiation wavelength: 670 to 770 nm;
  • Measurement error: < 5 %;
  • Weight of the main unit: 0.5 kg;
  • Mass of remote optical sensor: 40 g.
Information and measuring complex of pulse-cardiological diagnostics focused at the realization of the national strategy of health protection

The end result of the implementation of the health strategy should be community of the people deprived of illnesses from birth with the elimination of any risks of life-threatening illness and physical damage during their lives, and with psychology protected from negative influences.

The basis for achieving result maximally close to the ideal one should be transition to the preventive or predictive system of health care as specified by the European concept.

Implementation of methods of predictive diagnostics and obtaining the benefits inherent to them was achieved in the new development of the V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the NASU. Collective of the scientists of the Institute created equipment of pulse diagnostics which in essence is an information-measuring complex with wide functional capabilities. The main predictors of the diseases which determine the complex are endothelial dysfunction, change in the rate of pulse wave propagation, and violation of the time and amplitude parameters of the pulse wave circuit.

Portable electrocardiographic software and hardware complex for clinical medicine, medicine for sports and labour, and home medicine

Description of the technology. Purpose and principles of use under field conditions

The ability to recognize in due time any condition that threatens the patient’s life and to provide immediately any necessary medical care is extremely important in the practice of medical personnel of military units.

In critical situations fate of the patient depends on the speed of the diagnosis. Thus, creation of portable software and hardware complexes capable of promptly providing military physician with sufficiently complete information about the patient’s condition is extremely important, especially in the context of medical sorting i.e. determining priority of providing assistance to wounded servicemen depending on the complexity of their condition.

Proposed software and hardware complex includes a support system for such decisions which is based on objective data.

An ultra-sensitive magnetocardiographic system for early diagnosis and monitoring of heart disease

Magnetocardiography (MCG) is a state-of-the-art non-contact method for early detection and accurate monitoring of heart diseases.

Innovation aspects and key advantages

MCG has physically determined benefits over other methods of studying electrical activity of the heart.

They primarily consist of extremely high sensitivity to the smallest changes in the electrophysiology of the myocardium, ability to record such components of electrical activity of the heart that are not recorded by the ECG method, and absence of distortion of the signal at the boundaries of the tissue section with different electrical properties.

Informational communicator for medicine

Relationship and communication between the physician and the patient is one of the significant problems of medicine. Ability to correctly communicate helps to solve the problems and difficulties associated with the diagnosis and prediction of the development of the disease in its course and at its individual stages; it leads the patient to faster recovery.


An intelligent parallel workstation based on multi-core and graphics processors is a hybrid architecture computer that boosts performance by combining graphics (GPUs) and multi-core processors (CPUs) thus reducing both cost of electricity and expense for arithmetic operations.

Reduction of time expense when setting and solving calculation problems is ensured by the use of graphic accelerators (GPUs) and means of intellectualizing the process of solving the problems.

“Inparkom_pg” hardware and software complex on the basis of hybrid architecture intelligent personal supercomputer

It was fabricated by V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics together with “Electronmash” SSPE for mathematical modelling in the defence industry, engineering and construction sectors and so on.

It provides high-performance computing (up to 3 Tflops) in a personal computer format by performing computations within a single unit.

It realizes innovative function of automatic adaptive adjustment of the algorithm, program and the architecture of the computer to the properties of the task. This takes into account approximate nature of the source data and guarantees authenticity of the resulting computer solutions.

Processing of voice phonograms

Key capabilities:

  • Division of speakers
  • Distributed processing
  • Phonograms database
  • Elimination of noise
  • Spell checking
Synthesis and simulation of sign language using three-dimensional human models (avatars)
  • 3D dactilologyst
  • 3D jug
  • Intelligent box

Principal capabilities of the system:

  • Realistic movement of hands and fingers, reproduced by the 3D model of the person (avatar)
  • Realistic model of the face
  • Display of the articulation of the words when showing gestures
  • Built-in system for translating text into a gesture
  • Reproduction of Ukrainian Sign Language and Ukrainian Dactyl Alphabet
Distributed information technology supporting scientific and organizational activities of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Distributed information technology having been developed and successfully tested at three branches and six institutes of the NAS of Ukraine used for the support of scientific and organizational activities for the researches themes (DITSOA) of the NAS of Ukraine which ensures support of functioning of appropriate subjects of all the levels of the NAS of Ukraine those participate in the processes of commencement, expert examination, carrying out, control and record of research works (RW) and experimental design works (EDW) by all the kinds of the research topics of the institutions belonging to the NAS of Ukraine with the principal documents to accompany these processes.

Introduction of the DITSOA of the NAS of Ukraine at the institutions and governing body of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is to allow significant shortening of the time necessary for the execution of the documentation to accompany commencement, conduction and completion of the research works, improving quality of the reporting materials on the themes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine which are formed by the organizations and divisions of the NAS of Ukraine and included in the annual reports on the activities of the NAS of Ukraine, and also provides opportunity for a gradual transition to electronic document circulation.

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