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One of the recent achievements of the Institute is the creation of supercomputers for information technologies (SCIT) –- highly efficient computing cluster systems of SCIT-1, SCIT-2, SCIT-3 and SCIT-4 types. Possibility of effective intellectual processing of large volumes of knowledge and data provides them with significant advantages.

SCIT supercomputers united into Grid system enable solution of radically new tasks of trans-computer complexity in the field of science, economics, ecology, agriculture, engineering, safety, space and other industries. A number of information technologies have been implemented to solve important classes of problems of practical application up to now with these cluster super-computers.

SCIT supercomputer complex

Total peak capacity: 43 Tflops (trillions of operations per second)

Capacity of SCIT based on sets of equations: 18 Tflops

Total operative capacity: 2.5 TB (terabyte)

Parallel file depositary: 170 TB

Unique advantages:
  • Energy saving system with sequence and nodes management
  • Intelligent libraries for typical mathematical problems with built-in analysis, selection of algorithm and its parameters.

Application: solves 40 to 50 thousand tasks annually (average time is 4 hours per task); 11 cloud systems are constantly running; Resource Centre of the Ukrainian National Grid. Users are 12 branches of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine out of 14 ones.

Typical use: molecular dynamics (study of proteins, DNA etc. i.e. screening, docking, search for new drugs): 100,000 CPU-hours per year (cpuh/yr.); quantum and chemical calculations (research of crystals, active centres of biological molecules): 100 thousand cpuh/yr.; hydro and aerodynamics (meteorological forecasting, monitoring of water resources, designing of structures and equipment i.e. ships, planes, helicopters, units of power plants etc.): 60 thousand cpuh/yr.; mathematics (for testing hypotheses, or as an integral part of the proof of theorems): 30 thousand cpuh/yr.; processing of the data derived with Large Hadron Collider; economy etc.


We invite you to the website of cluster systems: http://icybcluster.org.ua/

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