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  • Supercomputer SCIT to serve National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine:
  • Development of INPARCOM series of intelligent workstations for Science & Production Enterprise ‘Electronmash’:


Supercomputer complex SCIT

The total peak performance: 43 TFLOPS (trillion op. per sec.)

Performance of SCIT-4 on systems of linear equations: 18 TFLOPS

The total RAM: 2.5 TB (terabytes)

Parallel file storage: 170 TB

The unique advantages:
─ power saving system with queues and nodes management,
─ intellectual libraries for typical mathematical problems with integrated analysis, selection of algorithm and its parameters.

Application:  SCIT solves 40-50 thousand tasks per year (average time - 4 hours for one task); 11 cloud systems are working constantly; Ukrainian National Grid. Users - 12 of 14 departments of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Typical usage: molecular dynamics (study of proteins, DNA, etc. - screening, docking, search for new drugs); quantum-chemical calculations (research of crystals and active centers of biomolecules); hydro- and aerodynamics (meteorological forecasting, monitoring of water resources, designing of buildings and machinery - ships, aircrafts, helicopters, power units, etc.); mathematics (hypotheses testing, theorems proof); processing of the Large Hadron Collider data; economy and so on.

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