GIC Supercomputer

Development of the supercomputer family "SCIT" (since 2004) is among the most important achievements of GIC. The high performance computers of cluster architecture "SCIT-1", "SCIT-2" and "SCIT-3" possessed top positions in the exUSSR supercomputer rating "Top50 CIS".

GIC provides high performance computing resources for institutes of National Academy of Science and serves Ukrainian National Grid as a National Resource Center.

The hybrid supercomputer "SCIT-4" developed in 2012 is currently the top performance and the most "green" HPC system of Ukraine.


Supercomputer "SCIT"

Key advantages

  • Job stream prediction based control
  • Fitting optimal number of processes
  • Intelligent problem solving

Intelligent Math Soft

  • Accounting the approximate nature of input data
  • Analysis of the problem features and intelligent fitting the algorithm, iteration of methods till success
  • Sensible solutions of ill posed and almost ill posed problems
  • Intelligent fitting the algorithm parameters to computer characteristics to accelerate solution

Advanced features

  • User-friendly GUI
  • Information security
  • Non-stop service, fault tolerance

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