Department of Numerical Methods and Computer Simulation

Head of the Department - Alexander Khimich

Basic Developments of the Department for the last 10 years


I. Family of intelligent workstation Inparcom

Inparcom is a family of intelligent parallel computers intended for investigation and reliable solution of problems with approximately given initial data occurring in science and engineering.

What is the intelligent computers application domain?

  • Engineering
  • ecology
  • science
  • geophysics
  • power engineering
  • hydrometeorology
  • industry
  • space exploration
  • construction
  • economy

What kind of tasks Inparcom can solve?

  • Mathematical modeling of complex processes, phenomena, objects and systems
  • Structural integrity computation tasks
  • Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic computations
  • Development of simulators for control of complex modern equipment
  • Virtual design

Why Inparcom is unique?

  • intelligent computer analyzes and solves tasks with uncertainty input data and guarantees reliability of the obtained computer solutions
  • Inparcom_pg  is a product of researches in Institute of Cybernetics with the Research-and-Production Enterprises “Electronmash”
  • Provides high-performance computing (3 intelligent computers produce knowledge of properties of a task computer model and generate algorithm and a parallel program on the base of the knowledge

What are the advances of Inparcom over other parallel computers?

  • it guarantees the computer solution reliability for the tasks of engineering and science with uncertainty input data
  • it includes a programmable computation scheme for the efficient solution of a concrete problem
  • it frees user from the mathematical properties investigation, algorithm and parallel program development for the problems of engineering and science
  • it saves user’s work approach habitual from personal computer.

You can work on Inparcom: locally using one of the host-computers, remotely via the Internet.

II. Personal intelligent supercomputer hybrid architecture


Hardware and software complex Inparcom_pg based on intelligent hybrid architecture personal supercomputer

Manufactured jointly with SSPE «Electronmash» for mathematical modeling in defense industry, machine-building and civil building etc.

Ensures high-performance computations (up to 3 ТFlops) in the format of personal computer at the expense of compression of computations within one node.

Implements innovative function of automatic adaptive adjustment both of algorithm, program and computer’s architecture according to characteristics of the problem. In so doing an approximate nature of input data is taken into account and reliability of the obtained computer results is guaranteed.

Intelligent numerical software has been created based on the processing of sparse structures by means of structural regularization, on the intellectualization of process of investigation and solving of problems of the computational mathematics as well as on the visualization of the applications software.

Components of program complexes LIRA, Nadra and Weld-Predictions have been created on the basis of hybrid computations for the mathematical modeling of processes in the field of building, mass transfer and electric welding.

There exist no analogs of intelligent hardware and software complexes based on one-node hybrid architecture supercomputers with embedded functional capabilities.


An experimental sample of Inparcom_pg manufactured by SSPE "Electronmash" is already being used for the carrying out of researches.

Inparcom_pg is intended for the local utilization (beyond computer networks) that is relevant for the end users, for example for the automation of design in the field of defense and building, by providing of confidentiality of computations.

Principal advantages of Inparcom_pg:

  • exemption of users from the work on investigating of problems, creation of parallel algorithms and programs that reduces the time required for the statement and solving of problems in science and engineering;
  • the statement of user’s problem on computer in terms of user’s subject area language;
  • the obtaining of computer solution  of the problem together with its reliability estimation as well as together with characteristics of the computer problem with approximate initial data;
  • implementation of the hidden parallelism principle that provides such mode of user’s work on parallel computer as that on computers with sequential arrangement of computations.

The using of Inparcom_pg enables to:

  • considerably reduce the time required for the solving of problems together with reliability estimates of solutions;
  • reduce the dimensions of computer (up to the format of personal computer) at the expense of employment of up-to date graphic accelerators;
  • provide high energy efficiency.

Examples of solving of certain real-life problems on Inparcom_pg

(The obtained time is compared with time required for the solving of the same problem without paralleling and using of GPUs)

1) The Strength Analysis of Construction Objects

The static strength analysis both of multi-storied tower-type residential building as well as foundation of the industrial-type object. Computational (discrete) problems – linear algebraic systems with sparse non-symmetric matrices, whose parameters and sparse structures are given below.

The 50-, 60- times reduction in solution time is obtained.

2) The filtration calculation in multi-component environment

The problem on the calculating of filtration in water-bearing layers with an extensive network of surface watercourses at Chernihiv region. The computational (discrete) problem − linear algebraic systems with band symmetric matrix, the order of which is 1151112, while the semi-width of the band is 5367


A set of geometry models of water-carrier layers of  at Chernihiv region
(Surface area –
184000 х 222000 m )

The 60-times reduction in solution time is obtained.

III. Intelligent numerical software of parallel and gibrid (CPU+GPU) computers − a tool for computer investigation and reliable solving of scientific, engineering and economical problems

Intelligent numerical software intended for investigation and reliable solving of numerical problems with a approximately given initial data:

  • Systems of linear algebraic equations
  • Algebraic eigenvalue problem
  • Systems of nonlinear equations
  • Systems of ordinary differential equations

1) Library Inparlib of the intelligent programs of parallel computers and Inparlib_g of hybrid computers.

The intelligent programs of library Inparlib

  • support of problems with  a approximate input data;
  • investigate features of problem computer models;
  • verify compliance of found computer model features to implied solution algorithms;
  • determine the required number of processors CPU and GPU;
  • automatically solve the problem;
  • analyze reliability of found computer solutions.

The programs of library Inparlib are reuse components for development of application software for solution of research and engineering problems.

2) Intelligent numerical software Inpartool of parallel computers  and Inpartool_g of hybrid computers  with CPU+GPU allows you to automatically

  • formulate a problem in terms of the specific application area;
  • automatically investigate the basic characteristics of the problem's machine model;
  • determine the required number of processors CPU and GPU;
  • construct algorithms for the solution of the problem;
  • form the adequate computer configuration
  • construct required parallel program;
  • solve the problem;
  • determine reliability of the solution and visualize of  the results.

Web-interface allows a user:

  • formulate a problem;
  • input the initial data of the problems;
  • start the problem;
  • obtain results. Start inpartool.

Window of start Inpartool

Window of initial data of the linear system  in Inpartool_g

Window the Startup of tasks to perform and get the results in Inpartool_g

Protocol of Process  of  investigating  and  solving  of the linear system using Inpartool_g