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Today the main areas of the research of the Institute are:
  • Development of the general theory and methods of system analysis, mathematical modelling, optimization and artificial intelligence;
  • Development of the general theory of management, methods and means of arrangement of intelligent control systems of different levels and purposes
  • Creation of the general theory of computing machines and development of perspective computing equipment, artificial intelligence and informatics;
  • Creation of perspective systems of mathematical support of general and applied purposes;
  • Development of new information technologies and intelligent systems; and
  • Solving of fundamental and applied problems of informatization of the society.

Scientific schools of computer mathematics and discrete optimization, mathematical theory of computing systems and artificial intelligence, system analysis and stochastic programming, mathematical theory of reliability and programming theory were forming for fifty years at the V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and they gained world’s recognition.

In addition to scientific research the Institute also carries out extensive scientific and organizational work which is directed by the Academic Council of the Institute being collegial advisory body to manage its activities.

Specialized Academic Councils for the defence of doctoral and candidate’s dissertations, post-graduate course and doctoral candidacy are functioning at the Institute and are conducting training in many specialties in the field of informatics. About 250 Doctors and over 1,000 Candidates of Sciences have been trained at the institution.

Much attention is paid to working with student youth. The Institute has branches of the Department of Computational Mathematics of the T.Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Department of Automated Systems for Information Processing and Management of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, and Department of Theoretical Cybernetics and Methods of Optimal Control of the Moscow Physical and Technical Institute.

The Institute publishes three journals being re-published abroad, in particular: “Cybernetics and System Analysis”, “Managing Systems and Machines” (together with the International Scientific and Training Centre of Information Technologies and Systems), “Problems of Management and Informatics” (together with the Space Research Institute) as well as collected scientific papers of “Computer Mathematics”, “Theory of Optimum Solutions’, “Computer Media, Systems and Networks” and “Cybernetics and Computing Machines” together with the International Scientific and Training Centre of Information Technologies and Systems). Scientists employed at the Institute issued more than 400 monographs and published tens of thousands of papers significant number of which were translated abroad, and hundreds of Certificates of authorship were issued.

Fund of the scientific library of the Institute contains ca. 300 thousands of units being stored.

The Institute carries out significant coordination work in the field of informatics thanks to its cooperation with international coordinating organizations and participation of its leading scientists in the coordination, scientific and expert councils as well as managing scientific programs. On the initiative of the Institute a National Program of Informatization of Ukraine and a number of legislative acts concerning its implementation were developed.

The Institute is the basic organization of the Cybernetic Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, National Committee of Ukraine on Informatics, Scientific Council on the “Cybernetics” Problem, Scientific Council of “Intellectual Information Technologies” of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and Ukrainian Federation of Informatics which is party to CEPIS (International Organization on Informatics). International scientific relations of the Institute cover a wide range of leading scientific centres of the world. International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, Kepler University (Austria), University of Zurich, Operations Research Institute (Switzerland), Otto von Geriche Technical University (Germany), Yale University, University of Florida (USA), London City University and others are among them.

Much attention is paid to cooperation with research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and leading Russian higher educational institutions. These are A.O.Dorodnitsin Computing Centre, Institute of Computational Mathematics, O.M.Krylov Central Scientific Research Institute, Institute of Informatics Problems, International Centre for Astronomy and Biological Research, V.O.Steklov Mathematics Institute, Institute of Problems of Mechanics, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, Moscow Physical and Technical Institute, St. Petersburg State University etc. Fruitful scientific contacts are also supported with scientific centres of other CIS countries.

Академік А.О. Дородніцин


The Institute has extensive experience in collaboration with international scientific organizations, and dozens of scientific projects have been successfully implemented with their support.

Every year the Institute holds international conferences in the field of computer science and actively participates in numerous scientific forums of many countries of the world.

The scientific achievements of the Institute were awarded with two Lenin Prizes, 29 State Prizes of the USSR and Ukraine, over 40 nominals and other awards.

The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine established awards named after prominent scientists whose names are related to the formation and development of the Institute i.e. S.O.Lebedev, V.M.Glushkov, V.S.Mikhalevich, A.O.Dorodnitsin, and M.M.Amosov.


С.О. Лебедєв


Recognitions of the achievements of the institute are award of “Pioneer of Computing Technology” Medal handed to V.M.Glushkov in 1997 by the World Computer Society as well as election of leading scientists of the Institute as foreign members of scientific societies and honorary doctors and professors of leading foreign and domestic universities.

Today the Institute employs about 700 employees, more than 400 of which are scientific workers who are working at 26 scientific departments, and 17 persons among them are members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 59 persons are Doctors and more than 160 persons are Candidates of Sciences; 8 persons are Honoured Scientists and Technicians or Honoured Inventors of Ukraine.

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