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Palahin Olexander Vasyliovych

Deputy Director for research work, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Head of Department No. 205


Tel.: 526 33 48

E-mail: palagin_a@ukr.net

Brief biography

Olexander Vasyliovych Palahin was born on July 17, 1939 in the village of Novo-Arkhangelsk, Kirovohrad region. He graduated from the secondary school in Kyiv in 1956 with a gold medal and entered Kyiv Polytechnic Institute from which he graduated in 1961 with a diploma of electrical engineer by specialty of “Mathematical, computing and decoding tools and devices”. He began his career in 1960 at the Computing Centre of the AS of the UkrSSR transformed into V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the NAS of Ukraine in 1962. He passed the way from engineer to head of the department and Deputy Director. He is honoured inventor of Ukraine (1982), Professor (1985), Corresponding Member of the NAS of Ukraine (1990), Academician of the NAS of Ukraine (2006).

Scientific interests

O.V.Palahin’s scientific and practical activities are associated with the development of theoretical foundations and practical methods of architectural and structural arrangement of universal and specialized computer tools and systems, informatization of scientific research as well as knowledge-oriented information systems.

His name is associated with the creation of the first domestic mini-microprocessors and computers, in particular, computers with flexible architecture, and effective methods of structural synthesis of control automata. Some families of microcomputers were created in collaboration with a number of enterprises of branch Ministries (“Svitlana” SPA, S.P.Koroliov SPA), in particular, “Electronica – S5”, “Neuron”, SOU etc. Much attention was paid to solving the problems of mass computerization of industrial branches and areas of scientific research.

Main results of these research and applied works are reflected in the following monographs: “Mini-computer. Principles of arrangement and design” (1975), LAX 2 Computer implementation. Stockholm (1978), “Microprocessor systems for information processing” (1993), and “Synthesis of firmware control devices” (1997).

Main results

Specific feature of O.V.Palahin’s theoretical and practical activities is their inventive component. All the developments are supported by numerous patents of the USSR and Ukraine. Distinctive features of the research having been conducted by O.V.Palahin personally and under his scientific guidance are system approach, originality and orientation to serial introduction. It was in the process of architectural and structural design of microprocessor systems that a general logic-information method was proposed based on the integrated use of the fundamental positions of the theory of automata and theory of information, and the formalized concept of the entropy of an automaton was introduced for the first time.

O.V.Palahin was scientific manager of the State scientific and technical program 06.05 of “Perspective means of computer facilities” for many years. Methods and technologies of the system integration in the tasks of research design were reflected in the monographs of “System integration of computer hardware” (2005), “Reconfigurable computing systems” (2006) and “Design of reconfigurable digital systems” (2011).

The basis of the today’s innovation development is not traditional natural resources but knowledge-oriented technologies. Development of proper technologies for efficient use of knowledge arranged on the basis of constructive scientific theories is the central problem of information science. That is why the last period of O.V.Palahin’s scientific activities is connected with solving problems of interdisciplinary scientific researches and knowledge management, development of toolkits for the automated construction of formal computer ontologies and knowledge networks, architectural as well as structural arrangement of knowledge-oriented information systems (monographs “Ontological methods and means of processing subject knowledge” (2012), “Glossary of knowledge engineering” (2014) and “Ontographic Dictionary of Expertise on Knowledge Engineering” (2017)).

He published more than 500 scientific papers in total, including 20 monographs, and more than 100 inventions.

O.V.Palahin conducts active scientific, organizational and public activities: he is Chairman of the Scientific Council of “Information, language, intellect”, Deputy editor-in-chief of the “CSaM” journal, a member of the editorial board of three other scientific journals, a member of the section of the Committee on State Prizes of Ukraine in the sphere of science and technology, Chairman of the specialized scientific Council for the defence of the dissertations of the Institute of Cybernetics of the NASU, Head of the section of the Scientific Council of the NAS of Ukraine on “Cybernetics” problem, and President of the Ukrainian Federation of Informatics.

O.V.Palahin has repeatedly delivered reports and lectures in the USA, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Hungary and other countries, he is fluent in English. He took an active participation in international organizations (UNESCO, EUROMICRO, IEEE etc.) and was chairman of a number of International Conferences.

O.V.Palahin pays much attention to the training of personnel. 20 Candidates and 5 Doctors of Sciences have been trained under his scientific guidance.

O.V.Palahin’s scientific, inventive, scientific and organizational as well as pedagogical activities were marked by the governmental and academic awards: the Order of Honour of “Badge” (1986), “For Merits (III deg.)” (2010), two medals, distinctions of the NAS of Ukraine of “For Scientific Achievements” (2007), “For the Training of Scientific Followers” (2015). He is laureate of the State Prize of the UkrSSR in the field of science and technology (1987), laureate of Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1984), and Prizes of the NAS of Ukraine named after S.O.Lebedev (1983) and V.M.Glushkov (2013).

The most significant publications

  1. Palagin O.V. The Noosphere Paradigm of the Development of Science and Artificial Intelligence / O.V. Palagin, A. F. Kurgaev, A. I. Shevchenko // Cybernetics and Systems Analysis. Springer New York. – July 2017, Volume 53, Issue 4, pp 503–511.
  2. Palagin O.V. Functionally Oriented Approach in Research-Related Design // Cybernetics and Systems Analysis. Springer New York. – November 2017, Volume 53, Issue 6, pp 986–992..
  3. Палагін О.В. Тлумачний онтографічний словник з інженерії знань / О.В. Палагін, М.Г. Петренко // Київ: Інтерсервіс, 2017. – 478 с.
  4. Палагин А.В. Введение в класс трансдисциплинарных онтолого-управляе-мых систем исследовательского проектирования // Управляющие системы и машины.- 2016. -№6, С.3-11.
  5. Palagin O.V. Ontology conception of transdisciplinary scientific research // Электронное моделирование. — том 38, №5, 2016, С. 3-10.
  6. Палагін О.В. До питання інформаційної підтримки наукових досліджень / О.В. Палагін, О.П. Кургаєв // Вісник НАН України, 2015, № 8, С.33-48.
  7. Палагин А.В. Реконфигурируемые структуры на базе FPGA: Синтез проблемно-ориентированных структур / А.В. Палагин, В.Н. Опанасенко, С.Л. Крывый. — Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2014.- 54c.
  8. Палагин А.В. Трансдисциплинарность, информатика и развитие современной цивилизации / А.В. Палагин // Вісник НАН України. — 2014, №7, С.25-33.
  9. Palagin A. The structure of FPGA-based cyclic-code converters / A. Palagin, V. Opanasenko. S. Krivoi // Optical Memory & Neural Networks (Information Optics). Springer. – 2013, Vol. 22, N.4. – PP. 206-216.
  10. Transdisciplinarity problems and the role of informatics / O.V. Palagin // Cybernetics and Systems Analysis. Springer New York. – September 2013, Volume 49, Issue 5 – PP. 643-651.
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